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Sheridan Film Festival
The Centennial Theatre is pleased to present a series of films, twice a year Sping and Fall, that give you the opportunity to see moveis that are not necessarily in the mainstream, but ones that are availiable mostly at speciality art hoses in larger cities.  Some of these movies are foreign...most are criticallly acclaimed... all bring to Sheridan the best in movie story telling.

This Winter/Spring series will be a little different.

Due to the limited capacity of seating we will run the film for an entire week.  The Festival will continue to run beyond the traditional 10 weeks.  Keep coming back as we add films.

The price of the Sheridan Film Festival will be our normal prices; Evenings $9.00 for adults (17 and older), $7.00 for children and seniors citizens, Matinees $7.00 for adults, $6.00 for children and seniors.  We offer advanced reserved seating at no extra cost. 
Week of
February 5th
Week of
February 19th
Week of
February 12th
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Week of
February 26th